The SPH Student Success Office (SSO) serves all students by helping them to fulfill the requirements of their Degree Compliance Reports (DCR) and graduate on time. We assist students in developing a curriculum plan based on their academic status (full or part time). After students meet with their academic advisors, SSO ensures that forms are completed so students complete their degree's within the policy timeframe (max. 5 years for masters and 5 years for doctoral degrees) and receive their diplomas.

What should you do next…​

You will want to map out your program to include a full load through completion so that you remain federal aid or visa compliant throughout your time at SPH. If you are sponsored or are on a scholarship, please share that information from the beginning so that we can discuss your academic options.​ ALL students should meet with their advisors regularly to ensure they are making adequate progress and discuss career aspirations and ensure electives & applied practice align.​ Changes to your plan, should be communicated to the SSO Office to ensure it is reflected in your official plan LLU OnTrack. 

Certificate and Master-level students​

  • Contact your Academic Advisor AND​ the Academic Programs Office (APO)

Doctoral Students​

  • Contact your Academic Advisor​

Registration Facts

Once you confirm your acceptance into the School of Public Health, your LLU student email account will be activated.

The LLU student email account is the official form of communication between the institution and the student. Students with an active LLU email will be notified of when registration is available each quarter. Registration dates are published on both the web and in the student’s portal. Students must clear registration holds prior to finalizing registration. Due to late registration fees, students should plan to complete registration online, specifically for courses that require an approved Independent Study Plan or requires a processing time. After adding courses, students must then obtain financial clearance. Students are not allowed to attend courses they are not registered for.

New Students

Please feel free to contact academic and student support, we would be happy to offer you assistance, advice, and refer you to support services.

  • Academic Programs Office​
  • Registration​
  • Student Handbook and Policies​
  • Student Success​
  • Student Counseling Services​
  • Student Organizations​
  • Campus Life​
  • Student Events​

Student Success Team

Monique Corfee, MA

Monique Corfee, MA

Welcome to the School of Public Health! This is an exciting time in which you begin a new educational journey. I am involved with Academic Records, Student Success, and Graduation planning. I can assist with ADA accommodations when appropriate. Please reach out whenever you have questions. We are here to support you during your educational journey. You can contact me by e-mail ( and phone ((909) 651-5378 ). Again, welcome, and I look forward to meeting you!

Academic Programs Office

Eseta “Esther” Moala, MBA, MA

Eseta “Esther” Moala, MBA, MA

Welcome to the School of Pubic Health! We are here to assist you in your academic journey. You may contact me through email ( or phone ((909) 558-4902)! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you may have any questions regarding: 

  • Academic advising
  • Registration
  • Clear registration holds
  • Required forms
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Catalog
  • Extending your terms

and more!