Center for Health Research

The center encourages involvement in research by identifying research opportunities and providing support in developing grant applications. It provides research and statistical services, monitors financial status of grants and research endowments, and provides focus for the research activities of the School by identifying research priorities. 
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Geoinformatics technologies offer means to manage and collate spatial information on natural resources, environment, and human habitat. It serves as a useful tool for national development planning, resource management, disaster management, and environmental monitoring.
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Areas of Research

Adventist Health Studies

Adventist Health Studies encompasses long-term studies exploring the links between lifestyle, diet, and disease among Seventh-day Adventists in the US and Canada. Ninety-seven thousand church members from more than 4,500 churches are participating.
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Almond Study

Environmental nutrition examines the public health impacts of social, economic, and environmental factors related to the entire food system. Environmental nutrition encompasses both the direct impacts of the contemporary U.S. diet on human health as well as indirect health impacts associated with the conventional, industrial food system. Widely held consensus among medical and public health professionals finds that today’s typical U.S. diet contributes to a range of costly health problems, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline and dementia, other neuro-degenerative disorders, and various kinds of cancer.
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Peanut Cognition Study

Peanut cognition study is a 12-week randomized controlled trial to determine the effects of peanuts on cognitive performance and task r-related brain activation on functional magnetic resonance imaging (f MRI) in older adults 60-80 years of age.
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Soy Study

Researchers in the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University are looking for subjects who are overweight or obese, subjects with high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high or border line blood sugar, or subjects with a family history of heart diseases between the ages of 35 – 75 to participate in a human research study.
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Global Tobacco Prevention and Control

Almost 80% of the world’s 1 billion smokers live in low- and middle-income countries, with no affordable smoking cessation products. In 2002 we received a $1 million grant to fight big tobacco in Southeast Asia. As of 2018, grants from the NIH, Pfizer and other organizations help fund our work in Cambodia, Laos and Mongolia. Our ultimate aim is to reduce tobacco dependence to zero.
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Vegetarian Nutrition

The Loma Linda University School of Public Health offers opportunities for research in nutrition. Faculty specializing in nutrition have conducted many clinical trials and feeding studies that provide project management skills, laboratory and data analysis experiences. In addition to research, LLU-SPH organizes the International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition every five years, which provides students the opportunity to work and network with the top scientific researchers in the area of vegetarian nutrition.
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Walnuts and Healthy Aging Study

The Walnuts and Healthy Aging Study or WAHA study was the first large study to test if walnuts play a part in healthy aging, particularly with regard to cognition, eye health, inflammation, risk factors for heart disease and nutritional status.
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