Our Expert Culinary and Nutrition Team Will Enhance Your Menu

Become a leader in your community by providing healthy menu items and attract the growing number of customers looking for delicious, health-conscious meals while dining out.  We provide unique nutrition and environmental sustainability consulting services, along with a certified Wholeness Endorsement, to restaurants, convention centers, catering operations and other food service outlets that offer healthy, meat-free menu options.
Look to our experts to help create healthy menu options your customers will crave.

Our History of Promoting a Wholeness-Centered Lifestyle

The vegetarian diet is at the core of Loma Linda University Health’s mission “to make man whole” in mind, body and spirit. For more than 50 years we have promoted nutrition research and healthy food choices to achieve longevity, reduce the incidence of chronic disease and simply to support a healthy lifestyle.
We are at the forefront of health care, nutrition analysis and vegetarian culinary creativity. You can feel confident knowing our recommendations are backed by over 50 years of vegetarian nutrition research.

Receive a Wholeness Endorsement

Help your customers find the healthiest options on your menu

We offer our endorsement next to every menu item that meets Loma Linda University Health’s healthy standards for foods and beverages. The Loma Linda University Health Wholeness Endorsement will show your customers and community that you are committed to health and wellness. With our signature branding on your menu and at your company’s front door, customers will clearly see your dedication to supporting health.