Program Director - Hildemar Dos Santos

Units Cost per Unit LLU Quarterly Fee Average Completion Time
62-65 $995 $955 7 years

2018-2019 DrPH Preventive Care Catalog

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DrPH Preventive Care

The Preventive Care Program is designed to prepare high level specialists in wellness and lifestyle management intervention. Emphasis is on academic preparation, practical skills, and administrative abilities in developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and protocols designed to address a wide spectrum of health issues—particularly those dealing with chronic disease. These programs and protocols include health risk appraisal, nutritional assessment and recommendations, exercise testing and prescription, and smoking cessation counseling.

The program seeks to demonstrate and elucidate the intimate connection between mind and body. Graduates address the combined influences of nutrition, exercise, stress, smoking and other lifestyle factors on the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.

This program is exclusive for health practitioners who have a health professions license to practice in the US. Physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, registered dietitians, occupational therapists, etc. can apply for this program. Health professionals who are not physicians are not able to practice medicine when awarded this degree.

The preventive care program allowed me to view health care from the lifestyle and wellness perspective.

–Eiman Alghmdi, DrPH Preventive Care student

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of the DrPH degree in Preventive Care, you will be able to: 

  • Design and implement wellness and lifestyle intervention protocols

  • Provide lifestyle assessment and counseling for patients with lifestyle-related diseases

  • Provide chemical dependency interventions

  • Contribute to the theory and practice of preventive care through research

  • Develop and conduct community and professional seminars and training programs

  • Demonstrate leadership skills

  • Provide clinical advice/consultancy to health professionals in the field of lifestyle medicine

  • Teach health prevention topics and courses at the college and university level

Possible Jobs: Wellness Program Administrator, University Professor