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For Publication in the School of Public Health (SPH) Devotional Book

Loma Linda University (LLU) School of Public Health is launching an initiative to gather inspirational public health stories into a daily devotional book. Similar to the Morning Rounds devotional book from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, this book will tell the stories of how public health made a difference. Each daily entry will be written by SPH faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends.

Where have you seen a spectrum of public health change lives? From one life to a whole community, have you witnessed an inspiring story that you can share? Maybe you have faced a public health challenge that required an infusion of faith, or had an AHA! moment in the lab when it seemed like the Lord Himself gave you divine clarity. We’d love to include your story in this devotional book.

Each entry will be from 300 to 500 words, written in first person, and written from the heart. Our goal is 365 entries and we are collecting them now. Your story will be submitted to our online service and reviewed by our editorial board. We will work with you to produce a story that will engage and inspire.

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Here's what we're looking for

Public Health has received considerable attention in the past, but we believe there is even more to be told.

Our theme is public health, which provides a large canvas on which you can draw. Here are some aspects of public health that may provide a focus for your story.

Health Education Community Health Faith-based Intervention
Nutrition Lifestyle/Wellness Disease Prevention
Psychology of Healthy Eating Religion and Public Health Nutrition Research
Global Health/Disparities Low-Income Intervention Health through the life cycle
Health Policy Epidemiology Health Statistics
Chronic Disease Communicable Disease Leadership
Health Management Sustainability/Conservancy Environmental Impacts

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Please draw from your own experiences. Here are some questions you might address in your story.

•    Is there an inspiring story that led you to choose this field?
•    Are there persons who inspired you and how?
•    What experiences have you had that were exhilarating or exciting?
•    Were there any terrifying or nerve-racking stories in which your faith got you through?
•    What stimulated you to keep going even when the going got rough?
•    What was your day-to-day inspiration?
•    Is there a Bible scripture verse with a public health theme on which you can elaborate?

If you’ve lived it, seen it, heard about it and found it inspiring, share it with the world. We look forward to reading your story.