Our Mission

We create learning experiences for each generation. We translate scientific discovery into action, improve health, spread hope and promote wholeness from our neighborhood to yours.

Our Vision

Healthy people living in resilient communities supported by equitable systems of health.

Our Values

These six values underline the culture and core priorities of LLUSPH


Our actions match our words. We take ownership of our roles within the school. Our customers are best served when each of us works in a timely and responsive manner. We accept responsibility for our actions with transparency and respect for others. Always striving for the best outcomes, we are proactive and committed to working together for the common good. As stewards of our resources, accountability is fundamental to fulfilling our mission and living our core values every day.


We are listening. Our students merit the most advanced teaching methods. Our communities deserve practical health solutions backed by research. For this reason, we are always asking, "Do we matter?" We know the answer to why we matter when we meet our customer’s needs.


A view from every angle pieces together a complete picture. Diversity is not only about equality. It's about perspective—one that is intentional. We respect our differences and value openness. It's our belief that a wealth of perspectives leads to relevant and innovative ideas. Beyond informing thought, a culture of openness and respect embodies the spirit of our work in public health. Our geographic location allows us to capitalize on a wealth of viewpoints. We attribute our success to a wealth of experiences.


We kindle an informed sense of wonder. We flourish under a mentality of continuous creativity and exploration of thought. We insist that in order to make public health a success, we must work across disciplines. Responsible innovation requires flexibility and evaluation. It ensures growth and determines the impact of new ideas. We are willing to take calculated risks and continue moving our best ideas forward. At every level of our operation we are looking to make improvements; from improving how our students register for classes to defining new areas of study. Indeed, our innovation is one way we remain relevant.


We strive for progress over perfection. Wholeness is a perspective of the world that recognizes all facets of what it means to be human. It encompasses the integration of our spiritual, physical, intellectual components; our families, work, play. Despite its many facets, we continually consider our potential in relation to our reality. This translates into how we live each day; with humility, gratitude, and compassion. It keeps us grounded in what matters most.


Belief in a power greater than ourselves is what drives us. As a school of public health founded in Christianity, the actions of Jesus Christ inspire us. Our faith informs our work. It's the reason we're at Loma Linda. We believe that everyone has value and that value is connected to a greater purpose.  Wholeness is underlined by the relationship between health and faith. Behind our professional mission, we each have a personal purpose.