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Fighting Some Self-loathing...

By Nina David It’s time to be a little more positive about myself.  The self-loathing thing is getting a little old and, to be honest, quite tiresome. …I felt fat today. I sat around moping and thinking about it a lot. How only 1 pair of jeans fit me now - my “fat pants” that have now become my “every day” wear.  How every bite of food leaves me feeling guilty.  How I don’t just have a muffin top, but cinnamon rolls, and a sticky bun too. I know this sounds ridiculous, but the time I spend thinking about these things is even more ridiculous.

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I Am Change

By Katie Freeland, MPH Global Health student “Look into my eyes. Do you see it now? I am change.” These are the words spoken by Amina, a young girl living in Afghanistan, sold by her family as a child bride to a man for the equivalent of $5,000, which was then spent on a used car for her brother. Amina is one of nine girls whose lives are recorded in the beautiful, heart-wrenching, and inspiring documentary Girl Rising, a film by the nonprofit 10x10 with Academy Award-nominated director Richard Robbins.

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Really?? Yes, Really.

By Molly Dougherty, The Writing Center - Let me tell you how I feel about the use of (most) intensifiers in professional or academic writing.  Words like, REALLY.  Or VERY.  Or EXTREMELY. When I read an otherwise well-written paper discussing the transmission of HIV/AIDS and the (student) writer describes it as “a really desperate situation” I just think — really?  Did you actually use “really” in this kind of piece?

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I was supposed to be a Pediatrician

I was supposed to be a pediatrician.  I had it all figured out.  After med school I was going to do my residency in Pediatrics at Loma Linda University.  Then I was going to set up my practice.

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Jimmy Kimmel interviews public on the Affordable Care Act

Reposted by Elisa Brown - And this is why we need more education on what is available, what the policies entail and what exactly is going on!

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A Regular Week in the Life of a (recent) Public Health Graduate

By Zachary Gately, MPH - Written on September 30, 2013 Many of you have just recently joined me on this adventure but some have been with me from the conception of, of the journey into the field of public health, and a couple of you from the conception of me (literal laughing out loud here)! It’s been a wild ride and I never would have expected it to end up exactly like this. I knew I couldn’t stay in one place, let alone one country. So then of course, I choose one of the most confusing countries to work in: Chad. Chad is a predominately Muslim country in Africa.

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By Molly Dougherty, The Writing Center -  One of the things I’m always advising students to do to improve their writing is simply reading. “But Maven,” you say, “I have no time for non-school-related reading.”  Oh piffle, says the Maven.  Everyone has time to read a timely article on an interesting subject written by some of the best writers in the country.  And no, I’m not talking about Us Weekly.

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Experience: Part of a Balanced Diet!

By Kimberly Paulien -  I was a student a few months ago and I studied nutrition. I love nutrition. Basically, I just love to eat, but I figured I could and should channel my obsession into a healthier vice. Therefore, I studied nutrition and dietetics, eat dark chocolate, and exercise daily.  On this personal journey I have been searching for the right balance for myself. Yes, I am learned to teach others in my classes, but seriously folks, you can’t take someone past where you currently are or beyond the roads you have trotted on your own journey!

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Health Policy: Breaking Bad and Opening Day

By Ed McField - A few weeks ago I was introduced to Breaking Bad, an intriguing television series that depicts the life of Walter White (a.k.a.

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Sting Like a Bee

By Katie Freeland, MPH Global Health student I recently moved to Southern California from Chattanooga, Tennessee, where it’s hot AND humid during the summer. “It’s a dry heat,” they infamously say about the SoCal weather. I can tell you one thing, though. It’s not so dry when you’re trying to do anything active outside. In Tennessee, you basically swim through the humidity if you want to go for a run. In California, you swim because of the sweat. In either place, when it’s in the dead of summer, I absolutely hated exercising outside.