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2018-2019 Master in Healthcare Administration Catalog
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MHA - Master in Healthcare Administration

50 years of Healthcare Administration Experience

Loma Linda University Health is continually recognized for excellence in health care administration. Most recently, our Loma Linda University Medical Center CEO and CFO were recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review. As the school of public health, we’ve been committed to providing the best education in healthcare administration for 50 years. 

Real-world Opportunities

As a future health care leader, you’ll need to be innovative, flexible and work across disciplines. Loma Linda University is a world-renowned health sciences university which means that you’ll be within walking distance of the Medical Center and 6 other schools focused on health disciplines (Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Behavioral Health, and Allied Health Professions).

Working Toward Your Career Goals

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, by the year 2024 jobs for health care managers will grow by 17%.

With an emphasis on data analytics and population health, our MHA program focuses on leading and managing healthcare organizations. Whether on or off our campus, there are ample opportunities to apply the principles learned in the classroom by completing a practicum experience in a health care environment. For new health care students, this puts you in a position to graduate with a relevant degree and 800-hours of experience for your resume.   

Already a Healthcare Professional?

The hours required for your practicum may be reduced if you have relevant experience in healthcare management or a clinical degree. This means your current job in a health care setting (hospital, clinic, insurance company, or dental practice) may serve to fulfill your practicum requirement with an applied practical project. Take your experience as a clinician and add management theory and skills to lead your teams in any setting. Students enrolled in a clinical degree (MD, DDS, etc) will have 400 hours of the requirement waived. 

Field Placement Settings for 2016-2017 MBA in Health Care Administration Students

  • State, provincial, or regional government in the same country as the program – 1 student
  • City, county, or other local government in the same country as the program –4 students
  • Nonprofit/NGOs internationally oriented – 1 student
  • Private sector, Healthcare Organizations, domestic18 students
  • Total24 students

*The starting cohort is from the 2008-2009 academic year which reflects the ‘Maximum Time to Graduate’ of 5 years and the completion rate within that time frame.
**This number is based on 27 graduates. Three hiring locations/dates are unknown. 22 graduates were hired within health care of the known information within 3 months of graduation.

Employment Settings of Healthcare Administration Graduates from 2013-2017:

Employment Setting% of graduates
Hospital/Health System46.5%
Employed outside of Health Care13%
Postgraduate Fellowship6.1%
Medical Clinic or Physician Practice5.1%
Long-term Care of Home Health Agency3%
Other - General2%
Further education (including Med school)1.1%
Military or VA1%
Association, foundation or voluntary agency1%
LLU promotes a “learning” environment, instead of the traditional “teaching” environment, by engaging students using real life scenarios to supplement the course objectives.

Why choose Loma Linda for your MHA?

The only MHA offered by an accredited School of Public Health in California

  • Spiritual environment with an emphasis in whole person care
  • Gain first-hand experience working on projects relevant to healthcare administration
  • We are part of a global network of hospitals and clinics
  • Community and Global health care service opportunities
  • More than 40 practicum sites to choose from
  • 1:1 practicum mentoring
  • Instructors include leaders who are currently employed in healthcare organizations
  • Opportunities to interact with established health care executives
  • A University Health campus comprised of six hospitals serving 1.2 million patients annually and a University comprised of six other schools focused on health sciences

MHA Program Mission

The mission of the MHA program at LLUSPH is to provide quality education to new and mid-career professionals locally, nationally, and globally who are interested in health care management.  The program fully integrates a health care perspective in all coursework which is guided by theoretical frameworks, scholarship, and informed practice. Wholistic Christian principles are practiced by faculty and serve to develop students into conscientious and ethical leaders who will integrate innovative solutions to health care challenges.

MHA Program Vision

The MHA program aims to be globally recognized in providing excellent, quality health care management education with an emphasis on service using a values-based approach to confront health care issues. Students will be prepared to confront and solve complex problems in health care delivery using evidence-based analytics, theory, and practice.

Who should apply?

Clinical professionals and mid-career leaders looking to advance their careers, individuals with exposure to the health care field and some relevant work experience and recent undergraduate students with an interest in health care administration.

Program options

• Full time student takes at least 8 units per quarter and completes the program in about 7 quarters. They would complete about 200 hours of practicum each quarter beginning their second quarter of the program.

• Part time student takes approximately 4 years to complete the program however they may not be financial-aid eligible. Practicum hours can be reduced to 100 hours per quarter.

• Clinical students would benefit from the MHA as management skills will potentially enhance your leadership opportunities and expand your skill set. Students studying in medical, dental, pharmacy or other clinical fields may be eligible for a reduction in practicum hours, GRE waiver, and one-year degree completion. Cases are considered individually.

• Working health care professionals. Enhance your career by gaining management skills or filling the gaps in your experience. The MHA program may be completed part time, by taking 1-2 courses per quarter. If you have at least five years of management experience in healthcare, and are currently working in a health care setting you are eligible to replace the practicum hours with an applied project in your work setting.

Admission Criteria

    1    Undergraduate degree from an accredited university

    2    Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

    3    GRE test (ideal % range 30-50%) – GMAT and MCAT accepted as well (Applicants with GPA’s of 3.2 or higher may be eligible to waive GRE requirement.)

    4    Three letters of recommendation

    5    Required prerequisites: Accounting, Microeconomics - These courses may be met through an accredited college or university with applicable transcript, MOOC or correspondence with a certificate or passing grade, or by passing a test. Please contact the Admissions office for questions about specific courses or options that are recommended.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this degree, students should be able to:

    •    Describe key aspects of the health care environment 

    •    Demonstrate leadership skills and accountability aptitude

    •    Integrate strategic awareness and innovative thinking in health care management

    •    Apply business management skills and stewardship principles

    •    Develop awareness of public health issues and policies

What is the Practicum & how does it work?

The Healthcare Administration Practicum gives you a chance to integrate academic studies with workplace experience over a period of 800 hours (approximately 1 year). During this time, you will develop the skills required for administrative positions through hands-on work experience, special project coordination, administrative interaction, and other assignments.


The SPH Practicum Director meets with you individually to identify a site from one of more than forty sites in the local area. Once you’ve chosen a practicum site, you will meet with the site supervisor for an interview and to schedule your practicum hours (hours are scheduled based on the needs of the site and the skills of the student). Regular reports are submitted through-out your practicum and the experience culminates in a poster presentation at 400 hours. A final presentation is required at the completion of the practicum. Table 1 shows general categories of placements for students in the practicum.


If you have five or more years of experience in healthcare management and are currently working in that setting this will be evaluated. You will be able to complete the practical portion through an applied project at your work place.

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