Karl McCleary, PhD, MPH
Executive Director of the
Center for Leadership in Health Systems

Center contact: Daphne McNeill, Administrative Assistant, Sr.
Tel: 909-558-4573
Email: dmcneill@llu.edu

The Affordable Care Act resulted in a complete paradigm shift where health care delivery and health systems are concerned. As a School of Public Health that offers an MHA in health care, we provide a distinct advantage to those interested in leadership within this new environment. We also help support a broad perspective as part of a global network of institutions offering health care to populations in areas as different as Malawi is from South Korea.

This time in history offers a unique opportunity for us in the Collaborative Center for Leadership in Health Systems to provide leadership on how health is conceptualized, delivered and evaluated. Loma Linda University exemplifies how health care professionals are educated from an institution that holds prevention and wholeness as its core, and unites all the health care professional schools on the same campus.

Center for Leadership in Health Systems Faculty