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Reports on Adventist Health Studies

December 2012
Vegans are less likely to develop overall and female-specific cancer; lacto-ovo diet confers protection from gastrointestinal cancers 

April 2012
Blacks are more prone to inflammatory diseases compared to Whites, yet vegetarian diet and exercise may counteract effects of disparities 

February 2012
Soy milk has similar benefits to dairy products in reducing the risk of osteoporosis among postmenopausal women

January 2012
Vegetarians have lower measured blood pressures and less hypertension than non-vegetarians

November 2011
NAACP branch recognizes AHS for minority health research

October 2011
Vegetarian diet, physical activity protect against diabetes in Black population (Adventist Health Study-2)

August 2011
Contrary to past findings, excess body fat in elderly decreases life expectancy (Adventist Health Study-2)

July 2011
Adventist Health Study-2 awarded $5.5M grant from National Institutes of Health (Adventist Health Study-2)
Cooked green vegetables, brown rice linked to reduced risk of colon cancer (Adventist Health Study-2)

June 2011
Black Adventists defy health disparities (Adventist Health Study-2)
Black physical/mental quality of life (Adventist Health Study-2)
Adventist Religion and Health Study shows connection between mental, physical health (Loma Linda University)

May 2011 
The Contribution of Dietary Studies in Seventh-day Adventists to Vegetarian Nutrition (Vegetarian Nutrition Update)
Commentary by Dr. Gary Fraser (Adventist News Network)

April 2011
Two Adventist churches to begin community gardens (Adventist Health Study-2)

Adventist Health Study to explore diet, cancer link (Adventist News Network)
Study links Adventist lifestyle with longevity (Adventist News Network)

Video Report 2007

AHS Report 2007