Healthy People in Healthy Communities 2017


25040 Stewart St, Loma Linda, CA 92354
The conference will be held at the Loma Linda University Drayson Center.


Directions from the 10 Freeway

  • Exit Anderson Street / Tippecanoe Avenue and proceed South towards Loma Linda University & Medical Center.
  • Turn Left at Stewart Street.
  • Turn Left on Shepardson Drive. (Note, just prior ro Shapardson Drive, you will pass the Drayson Center on your left.)
  • The conference parking lot will be located about 500 yards down on your left.

Barton Road:

  • Proceed towards Loma Linda on Barton Road until you reach Benton Street
  • Turn Northward onto Benton and proceed past the VA Hospital.
  • Turn left onto Shepardson.
  • The parking lot is located at the Northwest corner of Benton Street and Shepardson Drive.
  • The entrance will be located immediately on your right. 


Parking & Campus Parking Regulations

As always, parking on a university campus can be a challenge. If you are able to take a shuttle to the venue, please do so. Attendees will park in the Shepardson Lot, which includes shuttle service to the Drayson Center every 12 minutes. It is also an enjoyable 5-10 minute walk. 

All parking lots and structures require parking passes except the Shepardson Lot. Parking regulations and safety patrol are actively enforced by our Security Department. Please note that the Shepardson Lot is regularly patrolled by Security.

Shuttle Service

On-campus shuttle service is provided free of charge to all faculty, students, employees, and event attendees. This shuttle will deliver you to within walking distance of your event site. Return shuttles will embark from the unloading site at the conclusion of your event. Shuttles run about every 12 minutes from the Shepardson Lot to the Drayson Center.

This lot is being supplied for your event use; please be safe and make sure you lock your car and do not leave valuables in your car or within public sight. Loma Linda University assumes no liability for fire, theft, wind storms, water, other damage, or loss to the car or any article left in the car or for injury to any person or property in or near said vehicle.