Dear LLUSPH Alumni
By migramirez - April 13, 2016

Greetings from LLUSPH and happy 2016! My name is Ernie Medina, Jr., and I’ve been an alum since ’93 (MPH, Health Promotion and Education; DrPH, Preventive Care). Like many of you, I’ve watched things happening here at LLUSPH from the outside for the last 23 years, and I’ve often wanted to help in some way. Whatever your experience has been since you left LLUSPH, we want to re-connect and re-engage with you, because we know a vibrant alumni network is part of a vibrant school.

That is why I accepted the call from the dean to take on a new role as Director of Alumni Engagement. I asked to change the name from “Alumni Relations” to “Alumni Engagement” because that is exactly what I want to do: engage every single alumni that has a heart for LLUSPH and its students.

I look forward to re-connecting and re-engaging with each one of our thousands of alumni all over the globe.  Whether it’s via e-mail (, text message (909-747-5935), Facebook (ernie medina jr), Linked-in (Ernie Medina, Jr. DrPh, CHFS), Twitter (@ErnieMedinaJr), and yes, even in person or by telephone, I want to hear from you! We also have a “LLUSPH Alumni Network” group set up in LinkedIn and Facebook where you can join us as well.

Ernie Medina, DrPH, MPH

Blessings in 2016!


P.S. A special thanks to Dr. Albin Grohar, my predecessor, and his Alumni Administrative Officer, Wanda Lewis. Dr. Grohar will continue in his capacity of philanthropy and fundraising for LLUSPH, while Wanda will continue to work with me on alumni engagement.