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Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

DrPH in Epidemiology
DrPH in Health Education
DrPH in Health Policy and Leadership
DrPH in Nutrition
DrPH in Preventive Care
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DrPH in Epidemiology

Program Director - Lawrence Beeson

The aim of this program is to prepare Doctor of Public Health degree graduates for career options that include public health practice, teaching, and epidemiologic research.

The curriculum is planned on an individual basis. Details depend upon the student’s interest and academic needs, the program requirements, and the nature of the proposed research program. The student is expected to gain relevant teaching experience as part of the training.

The program ordinarily consists of sixteen quarters (i.e., 4 years). Students are responsible for gaining the commitment of an appropriate faculty member to serve as their research mentor.

The curriculum is planned on an individual basis. Specifics depend upon the student’s interest and academic needs, program requirements, and nature of the proposed research program. The student is expected to gain relevant teaching experience as part of the training.

Possible Jobs: Medical Epidemiologist, University Professor, Disease Prevention Officer

2015-2016 DrPH Epidemiology Catalog PDF

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DrPH in Health Education, (on-campus and online)

Program Director - Naomi Modeste

The Doctor of Public Health in Health Education is designed for individuals who desire to add depth to their health education specialization and develop research, writing, professionalism, management and leadership capabilities. The emphasis in health education offers advanced knowledge and competencies in the health education process and includes planning and evaluation of health behavior change, advocacy and communication, and critical analysis.

The program emphasizes the practice of healthful lifestyle behaviors and community health education. The online technology-mediated format is targeted toward working professionals and requires specific hardware and software specifications.

The curriculum consists of synchronous learning, online courses, blended courses, and a visit to the campus during the research process for defenses of proposals, dissertation, and graduation. Students are also welcomed to take a course or two on-campus during the summer months.

The DrPH in Health Education is designed to provide advanced knowledge, skills and research capacity. Graduates are prepared for university level teaching and planning, as well as the management and evaluation of health education programs domestically and globally.

Individually planned and mentored, this program requires a master's degree in public health or a related field. Graduates are typically employed in leadership roles in government, private, or academic settings.

Possible Jobs: University Professor, County Health Director, Grant Manager

2015-2016 DrPH Health Education Catalog PDF

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DrPH in Health Policy and Leadership

Program Director - Edward McField

The health policy and leadership Dr.P.H. degree curriculum emphasizes a mixture of professional and academic skills, such as leadership and management, finance and philanthropy, community engagement and advocacy, policy analysis and development, ethics, and research methods.The current, rapidly changing health and health-care landscapes —marked by significant health disparities and varied challenges— demands a diversity of leadership talents. Moreover, creative approaches are needed to meet these challenges. The Doctor of Public Health degree in health policy and leadership at Loma Linda University provides a unique and wonderful opportunity to serve at the very heart of the intersection of leadership and policy, preparing participants for success in leadership positions that have major influence on policies, programs and the public health system. In respecting their experience and backgrounds, participants in our program may also be called co-learners to emphasize the collegiate and peer-learning environment, including their interaction with faculty members and other mentors.

The primary focus of this program is to enhance the skills and abilities of those in positions of leadership; to develop competencies in policy development, analysis, and implementation; applied to health care and social determinants of health—to add to the body of knowledge about leadership through observation, reflection, and research; and to bring together leaders who desire to learn, mentor, and model exemplary leadership. Program participants are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the core values of Loma Linda University: compassion, integrity, excellence, freedom, justice, self-control, and humility. This program, in part, meets the great need for leaders of integrity who are agents of change, with understanding in both research and practice.

Leadership talents cannot be taught, but they can be developed and strengthened. The design of the program is to help individuals discover their talents and strengths, imagine how they can be developed, and then devise plans to increase and extend their skills and knowledge around those unique strengths.

The Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.) degree is the highest professional degree for the public health generalist. Participants will focus on public health practice and demonstrate broad knowledge related to professional skills. Consistent with our intentional interdisciplinary approach to doctoral education, this Dr.P.H. degree program offers learners the opportunity to customize an academic plan designed to fulfill their program requirements through unique core courses and a variety of electives offered by the School of Public Health. With approval, in developing their academic plan, learners may also identify courses offered throughout Loma Linda University. Drawing from resources in the School of Public Health and the program faculty's training and expertise in management, leadership, and policy, participants are able to develop leadership skills and competencies in selected policy areas, such as:

  1. Health services and health care
  2. Systems design and organizational change
  3. Health disparities and health equity
  4. Food and nutrition
  5. Mother-infant health
  6. Poverty and social welfare
  7. Behavior and mental health
  8. Water, air quality, and the built environment
  9. Nonprofits and philanthropy
  10. Resource development and generation

Possible Jobs: Graduates will hold positions that require leadership, scholarship, effective communication, systems thinking, and community building.

2015-2016 DrPH Health Policy and Leadership Catalog PDF

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DrPH in Nutrition

Program Director - Sujatha Rajaram

The Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.) degree Nutrition Program is designed to provide advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies required to meet the increasing needs of public health nutrition at the doctoral level in the areas of research, academia, programs/policies and leadership. Research emphasis is on the plant based diets in the prevention of chronic diseases, nutritional epidemiology and community nutrition.

The program is designed to strengthen research and teaching skills that better prepare graduates for a career as research scientists in academia, public and private sectors. Graduates may also serve in leadership positions in developing nutrition programs and disseminating nutrition knowledge to the community.

2015-2016 DrPH Nutrition Catalog PDF

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DrPH in Preventive Care

Program Director - Hildemar dos Santos

The Preventive Care Program is designed to prepare high level specialists in wellness and lifestyle management intervention. Emphasis is on academic preparation, practical skills, and administrative abilities in developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and protocols designed to address a wide spectrum of health issues—particularly those dealing with chronic disease. These programs and protocols include health risk appraisal, nutritional assessment and recommendations, exercise testing and prescription, and smoking cessation counseling.

The program seeks to demonstrate and elucidate the intimate connection between mind and body. Graduates address the combined influences of nutrition, exercise, stress, smoking and other lifestyle factors on the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.

This program is exclusive for health practitioners who have a health professions license to practice in the US. Physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, registered dietitians, occupational therapists, etc. can apply for this program. Health professionals who are not physicians are not able to practice medicine when awarded this degree.

Possible Jobs: Wellness Program Administrator, University Professor, Grant Program Manager

2015-2016 DrPH Preventive Catalog PDF

This program is not currently accepting new applications.

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