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Episode 10 - Not all superheroes wear capes: A shoutout to all the working mothers.

with guest
Giana Vasconcellos and Liz Simpler, Founders, Working Mothers Public Health Consulting Agency

Have you ever faced discrimination as a mom in the workplace? Have you ever thought to yourself, how do I successfully re-enter the workforce as a mom and still be involved in the moments that matter for my kids? Returning to work after having a baby is a unique challenge for most mothers. On this special Mother’s Day episode, our guests Giana Vasconcellos and Liz Simpler from the non-profit, “Working Mothers Public Health Consulting Agency” discuss  their work and services to increase the awareness of about the  public health challenges associated with the working mother.  They share with us, policies that companies can implement support and retain working mothers. Listen as we share tidbits on whole person care for the working mother and how the stay at home mother can be successful.
Join us, as we the Think Public Health Podcast Team, say to all mothers across the globe.
Check out their website at wmcpublichealthconsulting.com

Episode 9 - Surviving COVID-19: Update from the Front line

with guest
Peter A. Bastian, MD, MPH, Preventive Medicine Specialist at the Loma Linda University Center for Health Promotion

On this episode of Think Public Health, we welcome again our preventative care specialist, Dr. Peter Bastian. He provides us with a detailed presentation on how to prevent COVID-19 as much as possible, when to get tested for COVID-19, how to care for a non-hospitalized COVID-19 patient, how to decrease the symptoms of the flu and how to survive social isolation. The take-away points: Practice social distancing, wear a mask, get some exercise and trust in God!

Episode 8 - Viruses and Grocery Bags

with guest
Ryan Sinclair, PhD, Associate Professor, Loma Linda University School of Public Health

On this episode of Think Public Health, we talk to Dr. Ryan Sinclair, PhD and Environmental Microbiologist. He talks about viruses, some of his work and dives into a reusable grocery bag study that looked at how viruses and bacteria can cling to reusable grocery bags. One takeaway from this episode: It's important to disinfect!

Episode 7 - Surviving Covid: Intimate Conversations with our Hosts

with hosts
Abigail Clarke, Anthony Gittens and DeLorean Ruffin

Like the rest of Californians (and many other around the world), our hosts have been practicing "social distancing" due to the outbreak of the Noval Coronavirus. Yet our team has found a way to produce our latest episode. Join Anthony, DeLorean and Abigail as they reflect on their journey to public health, their passion for this podcast and how they are coping with being physically isolated from family and friends.

Episode 6 - Fighting Obesity: The Biology of Obesity

with guest
Warren R. Peters, MD, Preventive Medicine Specialist,  Medical Director at the Loma Linda University Center for Health Promotion

Have you wondered why it is harder for some people to lose weight compared to others? Perhaps the answer to your question can be found in this episode! Join us on this final episode of the three-part series on Fighting Obesity as we discuss the biology of obesity with our own Medical Expert Dr. Warren Peters. Dr. Peters is a retired general surgeon and is currently the Medical Director of the Center for Health Promotion at Loma Linda University Health. In this episode, we discuss hot topics on how added sugar, the gut microbiome, and even the Atlantic slave trade contributed to the biology of obesity.  Finally, let’s learn how to feed the “gut bugs” by eating foods that are found at the edges of the supermarket.

Episode 5 - Fighting Obesity: Can the BMI be trusted?

with guest
Peter A. Bastian, MD, MPH, Preventive Medicine Specialist at the Loma Linda University Center for Health Promotion

Last episode, we began the conversation on preventing obesity. In this episode, we continue this discussion with our very own Dr. Peter Bastian, a physician, and public health professional. Join us as we unearth how to successfully lose weight using the 5 pillars of weight loss. Listen as we discuss, whether or not BMI is racist, how to “Exercise on Empty”, the importance of sleep and spiritual health on weight loss and finally how apples can help in getting a date!

Episode 4 - Fighting Obesity: Health coaching, exergaming and more!

with guest
Ernie Medina Jr., DrPH, Assistant Professor, Loma Linda University School of Public Health

Episode 4 is here! This episode is part one of a three-part series on Fighting Obesity! Our special guest for this episode is our very own physical activity evangelist, Dr. Ernest Medina. Join us as we discuss how exergaming (video games), pickleball, and health coaching can be effective in preventing obesity and other lifestyle diseases!

Episode 3 - From Tropical diseases to Chronic diseases: The changing face of global health

with guest
Monita Baba Djara, DrPH, Assistant Professor and Global Health Program Director, Loma Linda University School of Public Health

Episode three! On this episode of Think Public Health, we are joined by global health expert Dr. Monita Baba Djara as she recounts her experiences working as a public health professional in Cameroon. We discuss issues such as health inequalities and global health. Find out more about the challenges communities around the world face and how you can become a global health professional!

Episode 2 - What the health is GIS?

with guest
Seth Wiafe, PhD, Assistant Professor and LLUH GIS Lab Director, Loma Linda University School of Public Health

Episode two! Join us as we interview Seth Wiafe, Ph.D., Director of the LLUH Health Geoinformatics (GIS) Lab on the Loma Linda University Campus.  We learn exactly what GIS is, how anyone can and should use it in their work, how mapping can be used to understand homelessness, how students can become more involved with GIS.

Episode 1 - What was your "Aha!" moment leading to public health?

with guest
Helen Hopp Marshak, PhD, Dean of the Loma Linda University School of Public Health

Join us, Abigail, DeLorean, and Anthony, your student hosts, as we interview Helen Hopp Marshak, Ph.D., the Dean of our school, Loma Linda University School of Public Health in our first TPH episode.  We talk about our "aha moments, when we realized we wanted to pursue careers in public health,  the Dean shares her views on the future of public health education and practice, her pathway to a career in public health, and inspirational moments in her journey to becoming dean.

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