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Here's a sample of wisdom from The Muse:

Another favorite of ours, Business Insider, never fails to deliver common-sense, practical advice for both job-seekers and the gainfully employed. They've got a great series of "resume makeovers" -- re-doing the resumes of people from different career backgrounds. 

Check them out:

You'll find LOTS of similarly great content at Business Insider Careers. 

Forbes is a nationally-known business publication that in addition to profiles of famous CEOs, features some outside-the-box content on career-building, business attire, leadership, and more.



  • Here is an excellent, excellent video showing a resume expert tearing several resumes apart at the seams. NOTE: The reviewer mentions placing the "Education" section at the bottom of the resume, but that is only for people who have been out of school and working awhile; for new graduates, it's best to place "Education" at the TOP of the resume, to provide context for what follows -- your field practicum, nutrition rotations, internships, etc.

  • This video is the stuff of urban legend -- except, unlike that kid in fifth grade who ate PopRocks and drank a Coke and his stomach exploded, this video is REAL: a "heatmap" of how a hiring manager looks at a resume, and most important of all, how long they spend looking -- about SIX SECONDS. Now don't freak out -- that's just the first pass, sorting the bad from the decent, but you see how important an atttractive, well-organized, easy-to-read resume is to getting that second look.



Sometimes free advice is worth exactly what you've paid for it -- nothing. Same goes for Internet content. But one of our hobbies here at Writing & Career Services is sifting through the Internet for little gems of career and writing wisdom. Below you'll find some of our favorites.