Program Director - Celine Heskey

Units Cost per Unit LLU Quarterly Fee Average Completion Time
57 $880 $798 2-3 years
(8 quarters)

MPH Nutrition

The Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree Nutrition Program provides specialized training in community nutrition within the multidisciplinary public health programs offered by the School of Public Health (SPH). The program is designed to train professionals to assume leadership positions in assessing community nutrition needs; and in planning, directing, and evaluating the nutrition component of health promotion and disease- prevention efforts.

Public health nutritionists work in a variety of settings in government and voluntary agencies, public and private community health centers, ambulatory care clinics, schools, industries, private practice, and specialized community health projects. They function as directors and administrators of nutrition programs, nutrition care providers, advocates, educators, counselors, consultants, and researchers.

Alumna & SPH instructor Krystal Gheen talks Nutrition

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of the MPH in Nutrition, you will be able to:
• Integrate their knowledge of biological mechanisms underlying the effect of food and nutrients on health to the solution of public health problems.

• Function independently and collaboratively as leader or member of a team to plan, manage, and evaluate community-based nutrition promotion activities.

• Critically analyze studies and apply findings to nutrition interventions.

• Scrutinize public policies and processes related to food and nutrition and explore their impact on health outcomes.

• Articulate the role of vegetarian dietary practices on human health, the environment, and ecology.