Mentoring is a reciprocal relationship. Both the mentor and the mentee receive immeasurable benefits from participation in the arrangement. Students receive guidance to aid in the academic matriculation process, while developing/enhancing the skills necessary to begin their public health careers. By sharing their experiences, providing career advice and academic guidance, mentors receive the gratification that comes with helping students achieve greater academic, personal, and professional success.

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The LLU SPH Mentoring Program will include the following:

Academic Guidance

  • Course selection

  • Study skills

  • Writing skills

  • Research

  • Referrals to in-house resources (faculty/staff/Student Service)


Career Advice

  • Job shadowing

  • Resume critique

  • Interviewing tips

  • Access to industry resources

  • Use of professional social media outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc)

  • Publishing

  • Professional memberships

  • Advanced degrees

  • Training opportunities

  • Corporate culture


Personal Development

  • Networking

  • Facilitating friendships

  • Stress management

  • Recreation

  • Cultural/ethnic sensitivity

  • Proper use of social media accounts