School of Public Health Tuition & Fees*

Master's $913 per unit
Doctorate $995 per unit
Online Master's $913 per unit
Online Doctorate $995 per unit
Field Practicum & Internship (100 hours; Master's only) $913
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $50
Acceptance Deposit for Master's Degree (nonrefundable $100
Acceptance Deposit for Doctorate Degree (nonrefundable) $250
International Student Deposit $1,000 + first quarter tuition paid in full
Fees per quarter $955**

*These costs are for the current school year and are subject to change without notice. Please consult the University Catalog under which you were admitted or contact the financial aid office.
**Students accepted and registered in the SPH remote/distance and online programs are exempt.


Tuition Reduction

Several tuition reduction options may be available to you depending on your situation:

  • Employees - Some institutions, including many Seventh-day Adventist entities, provide benefit-eligible employees with tuition reduction or assistance. This often applies to the employee and his or her spouse and dependents. Check with your employer to see if this benefit is available in your situation.
  • Peace Corps volunteers -Students who have volunteered with the Peace Corps receive funding while serving, as well as a stipend at the end of their tour. Students with outstanding student loans may also defer repayment while volunteering, and some Perkins loans may even be reduced altogether. Check the Peace Corps web site for more information, and see our Peace Corps pages for our program information.
  • Recruiting new students - Students at LLU School of Public Health are eligible for tuition reduction when they recruit new students. If a current student has encouraged you to come to LLU SPH, give them a tuition break by naming them.

Admissions - Scholarships

SPH Awards and Scholarships

Inquire with the Admissions Office about the following:

  • Crawford Family Scholarship

Descriptions of the following awards and scholarships can be found on page 793 of the Loma Linda University Catalog:

  • Hulda Crooks Research Grant
  • Selman Andrews Scholarship
  • Becky Hushman Award
  • Callicott-Register Award
  • President’s Award
  • Charlie Liu Award
  • Dean’s Award
  • Delta Omega Award
  • Glen Blix Award
  • Jeanne Weissman Research Award
  • Ruth White Award 
  • Williard and Irene Humpal Award

External Awards & Scholarships

Scholarship Search Website

Federal Student Aid

The U.S. government provides aid to students who demonstrate need. They fund the federal work-study program, as well as various loans and grants. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required to be considered for any funding. Complete the online application at

Federal student aid is composed of Federal student loans, Institutional funds and Limited scholarships.

To apply for federal student aid:

Step 1 - Apply for FAFSA

  • Opens October 1 every calendar year
  • Add Loma Linda University School of Public Health to your application
  • FAFSA Application will then be processed and sent to LLUSPH

Step 2 - School receives your application

  • Loma Linda University will begin to request financial documents
    • Check your LLU registration student portal as new requirements are updated often.
    • After completion, please allow 30-45 days for review, budget and awarding of financial aid.

Step 3 - Once awarded

  • Accept or decline federal loans
  • Complete entrance counseling
  • Complete Master promissory note(s)

Early Bird Funding

  • Allows students to be considered for limited scholarships and institutional loans.
  • For early bird funding make sure to submit by the deadline (usually sometime in March)

Federal aid will pay within a week of classes beginning.

For questions or concerns about student finance please contact:

Marina Bravo
(909) 558-4664 ext. 44664
fax (909) 558-0867

Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps)

Army ROTC scholarships help students pay their tuition and other expenses while training to become an officer.

Department of Veterans Affairs offers tuition assistance to eligible students. Visit their web site for more information and to see if you qualify.

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