The Full Plate Diet Program


This is a weight management program that uses the Full Plate Diet (FPD) concept plus sessions on exercise and emotional and psychological issues related to weight gain. The FPD uses the  book by Drs. Seale, Sherard and Fleming, which won the New York Times Bestseller a couple of years ago. The concept is simple, adding more fiber foods to the diet which are rich in fiber and lower in calories – so a person will eat more and still lose and control his or her weight

It is not a fad diet or even a crush diet. It is a program to change the lifestyle of eating, so once one lose weight on that, it is for a long time since this was a result of a changed and healthier way of eating and living. The program goes through describing what the champion foods in terms of fiber content are and how to incorporate them on a daily normal life. We also share recipes and devise strategies of how to eat out and make parties with the right kind of foods.

The FPD program is also good for the prevention of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

The FPD is developed by the Ardmore Institute. The program is also offered online at

One client's experience –

“When I started attending the classes I was not very sure if this would work, but I tried to apply the concepts and making appropriate changes on my eating habits little by little. After a couple of months in the program, I felt wonderful…and lost 15 pounds, and have more energy and was able to sleep better. It was an amazing experience because I did not feel that I was on a diet or craving for anything at all!”  - N.S.


The Full Plate Diet is an 8 week weight management program focused on fiber intake that includes the book “The Full Plate Diet”, two (first and last session) body composition assessments. This program will also provide food tasting, a supermarket tour, learning how to read labels, stress control for weight management, and exercise instructions.



Drayson Center member: $99

Non-member: $109