Session 1: Blue Zone Area Science: The-State-of-the-Art
March 2, 8am -12pm

What are the latest research and findings on blue zone areas in Sardinia, Ikaria, Okinawa, Nicoya, and Loma Linda? Technical issues: definitions, demographics, geographic vs. population-based zones, additional blue zone areas, etc. For the first time in the same room, researchers studying each of the five demographically and epidemiologically confirmed blue zone areas will present their most recent information.

Session 2: Deciphering the Blue Zone Areas
March 2, 1-5pm

This session will be devoted to uncovering the complex web of interconnected biological (genetic and epigenetic factors), behavioral (lifestyle), environmental and societal factors common throughout each blue zone area that lead to longevity and healthy ageing. Integrative studies are beginning to emerge which examine the dynamic interplay of these factors across the course of life; now we want to know what commonalities and unique characteristics have been identified and how their essence can be extrapolated to cultivate practical solutions. With the determinants manifesting differently in each place, how do we translate the findings into practice? A better understanding of blue zone areas as exemplars of exceptional health and wellbeing can benefit both clinical practice and public health action aimed at addressing adverse conditions in vulnerable communities.

Session 3: Public Health 3.0 - Blue Zone Areas as a Paradigm Shift for Public Health Practice
March 3, 8am -12pm

The implications of blue zone area research for public health practice will be discussed within the futuristic context of what public health fore thinkers are referring to as “Public Health 3.0” or a “public health of consequence” that engages in action to improve conditions that make us healthy.  Can we gain insight from the blue zone areas to help us deal with present issues? Can current systems can be modeled according to these demographic outliers? The concept of blue zone areas creates value to inform us about what public health should be striving towards in the 21st century.