Healthy People in Healthy Communities brings together people who are dedicated to improving the health of the community through a multi-disciplinary approach. During our interactive workshops, expert speakers lead engaging conversations that are focused on answering health questions and developing strategies that will lead to creating healthy communities by design. We convene a high quality conference centered on health, our built environment and geographic information systems (GIS) that generate energy for change. At the Healthy People in Healthy Communities Conference, guests of diverse backgrounds and interests continue to gather under the mission of making man whole by encouraging a healthier tomorrow.


  1. Identify lifestyle-based practices and built environment interventions that can best protect against chronic diseases and promote healthy living.
  2. Improve the capacity of public health and health care professionals with knowledge, best practices, and GIS to better serve and represent the community.
  3. Develop strategies to foster strong coalitions of diverse partners to create new health care delivery models for the purpose of building vibrant communities.
  4. Translate clinical and public health research into community-based programs and policies.

Target Audience

Any individual or entity; public or private, interested in improving human health through lifestyle-based practices, environmental improvements and/or GIS technologies.