Molly Dougherty is the Proprietor of the Writing & Career Services office.  She has a checkered past, but also striped and occasionally plaid.  Over the course of her exceedingly long life, she has been (in no particular order) a seller of vintage clothing, a newspaper copy editor, a waitress, an operator at an answering service, a marketing coordinator for a software company, a grant writer, and an inspector for the International Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  (One of these is not strictly true.)  She once had a phone conversation with a man who had barricaded himself in his home with his young son and a rifle, and when he asked her what she thought he should do, advised him to put down the rifle before greeting the SWAT team at the front door.  That actually IS true.

In her 12 years at LLU-SPH, she has assisted SPH faculty with the preparation and submission of more than 100 grant applications, edited about the same number of doctoral dissertations, and read so many resumes her eyes have nearly popped out of her head. She is a longtime Riverside resident, has strong opinions about the Oxford comma (duh – who doesn’t?), enjoys a wide variety of musical styles and genres, and detests green bell peppers and Jell-O.  She has two dogs that between them have seven feet.  She has too many purses and a lot of weird stories.  Come by, and she’ll share some with you.  Stories – not purses.