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Letter from the Editors

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The Other 23

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"Respond to every call that excites your spirit."

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Letter from the President

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Letter from the President

By Richard Hart, MD, DrPH
President of Loma Linda University

On the Road to Community Empowerment

Knots begin to fill the spot where my stomach once was. The steady flow of community members and old friends begin to fill the room. It was a little over four months ago that I arrived here at  Loma Linda University and was put in charge of developing an Adult Resource Center for the La Escuelita Program at the south end of San Bernardino, a staple of resources for many families who flock from San Bernardino and its smaller surrounding cities.

When the Grind is More of a Rut

One week ago, I landed back in "my country." Some things will never change about Chad: The perfume of many of the Muslims or the heavy diesel pollution that gets caught in the back of the throat as soon as you get off the plane. At least we are still Ebola free and are taking several screening precautions to prevent it.

Alumni Notes

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Alumni Endowments

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Your Donations at Work

Rebekah Ndinda Ngewa is a 4th year DrPH student in preventative care at LLU School of Public Health.  She works with the African Women's Cancer Awareness Association in the D.C. metropolitan area, educating women on breast cancer prevention.   “My hope for these women is that they know that breast cancer is not a death sentence.  That they can still survive and thrive,” says Rebekah.