A Seventh-day Adventist Organization

Mission, Vision and Values

The School of Public Health at Loma Linda University

The Loma Linda University School of Public Health prepares its students for rewarding public health careers in an increasingly changing health care system. We offer 18 public health degree programs at the master’s and doctoral level. The School of Public Health also offers MPH and PhD degrees online.

LLU School of Public Health Mission

As the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University, our mission is to bring hope, health, and healing to communities throughout the world from a faith-based perspective.  We accomplish our mission through the discovery and spread of knowledge while integrating the values of diversity, wholeness and engagement.

How do we define our values?

Diversity - Global Health

To humbly learn from all people, while embracing and celebrating healthy beliefs and practices.

Loma Linda University is proud to have students from a variety of cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. This diverse environment creates a unique experience that allows our students to gain a wider worldview right in the classroom.

Wholeness - Faith-based

To support the process of integrating spirituality with physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and character development.

The School of Public Health encourages health in all aspects of life. We encourage our students, faculty and staff to nurture each aspect of their lives with the goal of creating a thriving whole.

Engagement - Health Equity

To be active contributors and participants in our professions as educators and learners.

Our students the opportunity to discuss, collaborate, and learn from not just professors, but also from other students, organizations, and the community as a whole, all while looking at the bigger picture.