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Diet, Life Expectancy and Chronic Disease

Diet, Life Expectancy, and Chronic Disease
Studies of Seventh-day Adventists and Other Vegetarians
By Gary E. Fraser, MD, PhD

Published by Oxford University Press in 2003, this book gives an in-depth look at the results of the first Adventist Health Study. It includes great information on the benefits of a vegetable/fruit-based diet.

Blue Zones

The Blue Zones
Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest
By Dan Buettner

National Geographic reporter Dan Buettner highlighted just a few locations on the globe where people tend to live longer, and Loma Linda, California, is the only locale in the United States. The prominent Seventh-day Adventist population in Loma Linda makes the area a "blue zone" where, on average, people live years longer than other Californians. A major factor noted is that many Adventists do not smoke or eat meat, and they exercise regularly and fellowship with others in their church congregations.

Vegetarian Nutrition

Vegetarian Nutrition
Edited by Joan Sabaté, MD, DrPH

Vegetarian Nutrition contains expert summaries of various aspects of plant-based, or meatless, diets. It provides not only ethical, moral, and religious viewpoints from different periods of history but also modern perspectives on health promotion and disease prevention. Also available in Spanish.