Below are printable fact sheets from Adventist Health Studies.


Adventist Health Studies fact sheet Adventist Health Studies Overview

This PDF provides a description of each of the five Adventist Health Studies, as well as key results.






Adventist Health Studies cancer study Cancer Findings

This PDF contains a summary of cancer findings from Adventist Health Study-1.





Adventist Health Studies Black Adventist Study Mental and Physical Quality of Life

This PDF shows the mental and physical quality of life for Adventist Health Study-2 participants, compared to national statistics. It is noteworthy that the mental and physical quality of life of the Black/African American participants is often at or above the U.S. norm, despite the fact that health disparities between the Black community and the rest of the nation are well-documented in medical journals. Researchers attribute this difference to the healthier lifestyle habits of Black Adventists compared to Black non-Adventists. (See the press release for these findings.)





Adventist Health Studies BMI study Regional BMI for Black/African American Participants

This PDF shows the regional breakdown for body mass index for Adventist Health Study-2's Black/African American participants.