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Career Services FAQ

What sort of things can Career Services help me with?

Though we do seminars and workshops, record podcasts and make videos, the bread and butter of this office is RESUMES!!  However, we’ve also have been known to help you spiff up your cover letter, do mock interviews (in which you are not mocked), provide sartorial counseling (help you figure out what to wear) and try to keep you from freaking out in general.​

How do I get help from Career Services?

The straightforward approach is always best.  Fill out an appointment request form and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

Will Career Services help me prepare for a job interview?

Sure. We like doing that. We’ll make you knock on the door and shake hands and everything.​

My friend from another LLU school needs help with her resume. Can I send her to you?

At the risk of sounding mean – No! There’s only me and my intrepid assistant, and we’ve got our hands full with you all!! But by all means feel free to share with your friend any of the resources we offer. That’s what friends are for.​

Are there snacks?


Writing Services FAQ

How can I get help with my writing?

That’s easy!  Fill out an appointment request and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.  You can upload your document (in Word) there too. Give me a couple days to read and comment on it, then I’ll contact you to set up an appointment.  It varies from student to student, but in general I can help with sentence construction, flow, transitions, clarity, vocabulary building, plagiarism issues, etc., with the intent of helping the student improve their document and their writing as a whole.​

What We DON’T Do (sorry!)

  • Proofread
  • Edit
  • Write your paper for you!

Having said that, there will be instances when I proofread and edit your document as part of our work together, but simple editing and proofreading are not services offered by The Writing Center.

I’m worried about inadvertently plagiarizing others’ work, and just confused about plagiarism in general. Can you help me?

No need to worry, but you should take it seriously; plagiarism is serious business.  But Knowledge is the vaccine that will inoculate you against the Plagiarism Virus – you can get your blood tested for the antibodies and everything!*.  This knowledge is acquired by watching a video, listening to a podcast, or doing some reading.  And then there's a quiz to show yourself and us that you have really understood the material.  But once you understand the basic premise of academic integrity – namely, giving credit to the author(s) of any information / paper / fact that is not your own and which you are using in your own work – you’ll find that most questions answer themselves. Put another way, if you didn’t write it, you better cite it! That said, if you do find that you have questions, or something isn’t clear, do not hesitate to contact us at sphworkwrite@llu.edu and we’ll get you all sorted out.

*Not actually true.

Will someone proofread my document for me?

Sorry, no. Except for this one exception (see #5 below).​

What's the turnaround time for comments/suggestions on a document?

It depends on what else is going on, but in general I try to work through pieces in 2-3 days.  But – again, it could take either less or more time depending on what else is happening.​

Can I get one-on-one writing tutoring on a regular basis?

Though sometimes we will meet with students regularly for a period of time on a specific project, for the most part we're not able to provide ongoing tutoring for individual students.  However, we do have contact information for a few local tutors you could hire on a fee basis.​

I'm a doctoral student. What services are available to me?

This is the exception to the “I won’t edit or proofread for you” thing.  Doctoral candidates who have defended their dissertation and obtained signatures from their committee members approving their document in its current form can submit it to me for editing. However, and this is a BIG however, this does not include formatting (table of contents, page numbering, tables, etc.).  Contact the Academic Program Office for information and resources on formatting.

That said, doctoral students who have not yet defended or are at an earlier stage in their program will receive the same support offered to master’s students.

My friend from another LLU school needs writing help. Can I send her to you?

At the risk of sounding mean – No.  I’m just one person and I’ve already got my hands full with you all!!​

Can you recommend books or other resources to help me improve my writing?

Absolutely!  In fact, elsewhere on this blog you’ll find a handy little feature called “Molly’s Bookshelf,” with information on some great books about writing, punctuation, strategies, etc.  You can even borrow them if you promise to bring them back.​