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  • Episode 6: Special Edition: Getting the Most Out of Grad School, featuring SPH students Anthony, Katie and An.

In this very special pod, soon-to-graduate second-year SPH students Anthony (Health Education), Katie and An (combined Nutrition/Dietetics) join Molly to impart some of their hard-earned wisdom about this Thing Called Grad School: experiencing public health outside the classroom, developing as a professional, creating a network of future colleagues, using the available resources from SPH and the university as a whole, and last but definitely NOT least -- self-care.

  • Episode 5: PLAGIARISM!! (gasp!)

Get inoculated against the Plagiarism Virus!

Book of the Week: Using Sources Effectively

Plagiarism Powerpoint slides (in PDF). 

  • Episode 4: Nuts and Bolts (Resume Series)

Putting on the final touches: fonts, point sizes, punctuation, and proofreading.

What's the difference between resumes and CVs.

Plus some stuff about cover letters.

LOTS OF INFO in this pod, so pace yourself.

Resume Checklist (PDF)

Book of the Week: Eats Shoots and Leaves

  • Episode 3: The Deep Dive, Part 2 (Resume Series)

Shaping the unruly hedge of your resume into a beautiful topiary.

Book of the Week: Adulting: How to Become a Grownup in 468 Easy-ish Steps

How long do managers look at your resume? Link: Resume Heat Map

  • Episode 2: The Deep Dive (Resume Series)

How to describe your experience so it answers questions before they're asked.

Book of the Week:  Ask A Manager

  • Episode 1:  Introducing Don't Fear the Career

In which we provide some background on how This Whole Thing Got Started, as well as some insights into the hearts and minds of those mysterious creatures: HIRING MANAGERS!