• Episode 1:  Introducing Don't Fear the Career

In which we provide some background on how This Whole Thing Got Started, and some insights into the hearts and minds of those all-important creatures: HIRING MANAGERS!

  • Episode 2: The Deep Dive (Resume Series)

How to describe your experience so it answers the questions that managers may have.

Book of the Week:  Ask A Manager

  • Episode 3: The Deep Dive, Part 2 (Resume Series)

Shaping the unruly hedge of your resume into a beautiful topiary.

Book of the Week: Adulting: How to Become a Grownup in 468 Easy-ish Steps

How long do managers look at your resume? Link: Resume Heat Map

  • Episode 4: Nuts and Bolts (Resume Series)

Putting on the final touches: fonts, point sizes, punctuation, and proofreading.

And a bit about cover letters.....

Resume Checklist (PDF)

Book of the Week: Eats Shoots and Leaves

  • Episode 5: PLAGIARISM!! (gasp!)

Get innoculated against the Plagiarism Virus!

Book of the Week: Using Sources Effectively

Plagiarism Powerpoint slides (in PDF).