The Writing & Career Services Office

The Writing & Career Services office (WCS) is located right on Nichol Hall's "Main Street" -- the 1500 Wing, Room 1521, to be exact.. We don't have a waiting room or magazines, just an old desk, some comfy chairs, Christmas lights up year round, and some unusual knic-knacks, but we do our best to provide a welcoming atmosphere and listening ear for whatever you're trying to do -- reorganize an essay, learn to cite APA style, or make sense of all the conflicting advice on the internet about preparing for your public health career. 

Our students are busy: taking classes on campus, online, on campus AND online, running to evening classes after working all day, completing field practicums, writing doctoral dissertations, maybe raising families -- actually, busy is kind of an understatement. But as busy as they are, they still need to learn things that aren't technically on the curriculum:

  • learn how to paraphrase a source  for a paper,
  • write a resume that gets you an interview,
  • talk with an alumna about transitioning from a grad student to a working public health professional.

Providing writing help and career support for such a diverse, hectic group of people may sound like a tall order, and it is, but we've got some tricks up our sleeves. Like what, you ask? Well, how aboutL

  • Online workshops and podcasts and great articles and virtual meet-and-greets with alumni and employers?
  • Or recommendations for practical, relevant books (that you can even borrow!) and high quality websites about writing and career development?
  • We've been doing this for awhile now and spend a lot of time collecting stuff we think you'll find useful, and we love to share.

But even with all the workshops and podcasts and videos, one of our favorite things to do is sit down with a student one-on-one and work through her document or figure out what job she really wants.

It's pretty great.