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Global Health, Life in Chad, Whole Communities, Whole Individuals, community resilience

Good Relationships are Hard to Come by

By Zachary Gately, MPH - zgately.com Béré is a happening place! It does not seem like it on a day-to-day basis but looking back over the last few days, I realized I stopped a lot of things 18 November. Most emails I need to respond to are from around that date, all my receipts from them on were not entered, and I haven’t blogged since then. I had a few great ideas for blogs: “Birthdays in Béré,” “Holidays without Hype,” or “Too much Food for Thought.” Alas, the timing came and went so here I am writing now.

Health Education, Health Promotion, Leadership in Health Systems, Population Medicine, Whole Communities, Whole Systems, community resilience

Health Disparities and Prevention through the Lens of Race

Sam Soret, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, LLUSPH - An Ethical Imperative and a Matter of Effectiveness.  How can it be possible, and acceptable, that in the wealthiest nation on the planet, African Americans live an average of six to seven years less than Whites; or that, a Black woman has four times greater risk of dying from pregnancy complications than a White woman?  How can the public health profession engage in any type of prevention discourse without addressing such persistent disparities?

Global Health, Health Promotion, Population Medicine, Whole Communities

Volunteer for the Philippines Disaster Response

Dr. Ryan Sinclair PhD, MPH - http://gaiadesert.blogspot.com/ The LLU is known as a global hub for all aspects of health. Our Public Health Disaster Assistance and Relief Team (PH DART) exists to respond to these types of disasters.

Research, Whole Communities, Whole Individuals

Dr. Ronald Mataya Study of HIV Positive Women

A qualitative study exploring attitudes and perceptions of HIV positive women who stopped breastfeeding at six months to prevent transmission of HIV to their children R Mataya1, D Mathanga2, J Chinkhumba2, A Chibwana2, K Chikaphupha2, J Cardiello3 1. Loma Linda University School of Public Health, Loma Linda, California, USA 2. Malaria Alert Center, University of Malawi College of Medicine,Blantyre, Malawi

Global Health, Whole Communities, Whole Individuals, Whole Systems, community resilience

Got Public Health?

Sam Soret, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, LLUSPH - 

Global Health, Life in Chad, Whole Communities, Whole Individuals

The Little Things in Chad

By Zachary Gately, MPH - zgately.com Entering week six is forcing myself to come to terms with my new life. It's not much different than than any life you live. I work too much, sleep too little, talk to my loved ones less than I should, and do not exercise enough. I may not have running water like you do and you probably don't eat lunch under a mango tree on the regular. Regardless, life goes on and so does the daily grind. I cannot tell a lie, it's no cake walk here.

Health Education, Research, Whole Communities, community resilience

Dr. Ryan Sinclair Reusable Shopping Bag Study

Assessment of the Potential for Cross Contamination of Food Products by Reusable Shopping Bags Charles P. Gerba 1, David Williams 1 and Ryan G. Sinclair 2 1 Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 2 School of Public Health, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA

Global Health, Health Education, Whole Communities, Whole Individuals, Whole Systems

I Am Change

By Katie Freeland, MPH Global Health student

Documentaries, Whole Communities, Whole Individuals

Miss Representation: Eye-Opening, Life-Changing

By Katie Freeland, MPH - Global Health student *Author's note: This blog has been adapted from a post I did two years ago right after viewing this documentary for the first time. Some wording has been changed to reflect current dates/times/opinions. Full disclosure: I still have a hard time not watching/reading celebrity gossip. I also still really enjoy watching awards shows, but I view them from a different point of view now.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am addicted to celebrity gossip. Correction.

Global Health, ICD, Whole Communities

Community Development Project in Cavite, Philippines

by Taiwo Adesina, MPH Student - TravelGiveWorkLove Last month, my classmates and I were commissioned by the Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) to assess the increasing teen pregnancy rates in identified areas of Cavite and provide recommendations for sustainable interventions. With only three weeks to spare, we spent the first completing site visits to the Department of Health, Save the Children, World Vision and other non-profits.