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San Bernardino Memorial Blood Drive

On Wednesday, January 6, come help celebrate the lives of our public health friends and colleagues lost in the San Bernardino tragedy by donating blood in their memory. A LifeStream bloodmobile will be in front of Nichol Hall from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. FOR EVERY LIFESAVING DONATION PARTICIPANTS RECEIVE:

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Public Health: What is Service?

After landing, and making it through security at Jomo Kenyatta Airport I quickly found my ride to what would be my home for the next ten months. Driving down the highway we turned into Ongata Rongai, a little town outside of Nairobi, Kenya. I was met with new smells, hardships, faces, and the phrase muzungu, which means white person in Swahili. I had arrived! This would be my first night in Africa, a culmination of jet lag, amazing stars, new friends, culture, and surprises. What did God have in store for me this year?

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Picking Daisies (or, How to Make Friends with 7-year-olds)

Every week at Kids ROCK* is a surprise. We never know if we’ll be inundated with volunteers or kids- the two groups are rarely ever equal.  On this particular week I come to lend an extra hand to my coordinator.  We’d had some, shall we say, “overly energetic” kids attending and they have been challenging to handle. The afternoon starts off with a curious version of baseball; the rules quickly fall by the wayside. Up next is a confusing game of capture the flag. Next, freeze tag! This one was a winner!

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Big Impacts Through Small Deeds

La Escuelita: A Family Resource Center of Loma Linda University offers programs especially for families in the San Bernardino area. In the last 10 years La Escuelita has become something cherished by the community. We have seen many kids grow up in the program. Although sometimes one cannot see the impact it makes in a day in a family, we have been amazed at seeing the impact over a decade through our Community Kids Connection (CKC) Tutoring and CKC Music classes.

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What's in a gift?

Recently I led a mission trip to Central America were we provided medical, dental, and behavioral health services to a local orphanage, and surrounding community.  We had a large group of students and families, with a variety of backgrounds in age range, faiths, and roles. I found myself stretched thin as not only the trip leader, but also as one of the few Spanish speakers.

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From Vision to Reality

There is a cure for one of the top five causes of death in inner city children. And best of all, this cure is not a new drug or surgical procedure: it is a kick board and goggles.” These are the words of Ben Damazo (pictured above, left), the man who made a mere vision become reality on our Loma Linda University campus. Ben is a student in the School of Medicine and barely has enough time to study, but has chosen to devote himself to a new program sponsored through the CAPS office and Healthy Neighborhood Projects (HNP) this year: TIGERS Water Safety.

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Winter is Coming

(Photo: Not Africa.) As I looked outside the other morning, I saw a white dusting had fallen. Everything was covered! The sky was grey and I could barely make out the distant palms. Could it have been? Had Sub-Saharan Africa succumb to the climate change and we had snow? It was almost Christmas! Did Santa come early? That would be great but no, it cannot be snow. It is a literal dusting. The winds from the north (the Hammadamramlam winds or something like that) are bringing down sand and everything is covered.

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Disaster Everywhere: What can I do?

I’m just a normal person. I never majored in disaster preparedness, though it’s always been a field of interest. And I never even seem to be in town when the ubiquitous mini-earthquakes hit Loma Linda. But I am definitely my father’s daughter. Working in an ER for 30 years, he’s seen some awful emergency situations in his time that could have been avoided with some preventive measures, which is probably why he felt compelled to instill both of his daughters with a strong sense of preparation and self-sufficiency.

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On the Road to Community Empowerment

Knots begin to fill the spot where my stomach once was. The steady flow of community members and old friends begin to fill the room. It was a little over four months ago that I arrived here at  Loma Linda University and was put in charge of developing an Adult Resource Center for the La Escuelita Program at the south end of San Bernardino, a staple of resources for many families who flock from San Bernardino and its smaller surrounding cities.