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Shaking Hands with a Leper

By Zachary Gately, MPH Living in Bere has opened my eyes to how it was like in biblical times. The stars come alive living in a city with no electricity. The Fulani people carry their houses along with all their possessions on the backs of donkeys (in N’djamena they use camels but rainy season is too long here for them). The houses are made from mud and the roads are unpaved. James Appel brings much of this alive in his book “Children of the East.”

Global Health, Life in Chad, Whole Individuals, community resilience

Christmas in Béré!

By Zachary Gately, MPH As you can imagine, holidays away from home can be an emotional roller coaster for many people. First it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and now it will be New Years. It seems like only last week I boarded my first flight out of Reno, NV, to head over hear and now we are entering 2014!

Global Health, Life in Chad, Whole Communities, Whole Individuals, community resilience


By Zachary Gately, MPH Madness! This week has been compete madness! We have been conducting our Community Health Worker (CHW) Trainings for the new members as well as having to plan for the entire next year, and prepare for next week's Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) trainings. Josh also returned from the States last Friday, giving us an extra pair of hands again. It's finally Friday which means the training will be completed and at least we can rest tomorrow.

Global Health, Life in Chad, Whole Communities, Whole Individuals, community resilience

Good Relationships are Hard to Come by

By Zachary Gately, MPH - zgately.com Béré is a happening place! It does not seem like it on a day-to-day basis but looking back over the last few days, I realized I stopped a lot of things 18 November. Most emails I need to respond to are from around that date, all my receipts from them on were not entered, and I haven’t blogged since then. I had a few great ideas for blogs: “Birthdays in Béré,” “Holidays without Hype,” or “Too much Food for Thought.” Alas, the timing came and went so here I am writing now.

Global Health, Life in Chad, Whole Individuals, community resilience

Crash and Burn

By Zachary Gately, MPH - zgately.com This Friday evening, it was my turn to do vespers. Since I talk about a quite comical experience that happened this week, I though you might enjoy the story as well as the message. Confidence We all need confidence. A healthy dose of self confidence is needed in the work place, in school, art, and relationships. Confidence is a bit like having trust in yourself. You know you can accomplish x, y, and z without problems.

Global Health, Life in Chad, Whole Individuals, community resilience

Under the Mango Tree

By Zachary Gately, MPH - zgately.com Work. Sleep. Wait. Talk. Wait. Attempt Internet. Wait. Read. Swat flies. Sleep. Work. Wait. Repeat in any order you want. This has been my life these last few weeks. Lots of waiting, lots of working, and lots of attempting to use the Internet. Anything mobile works great with my tablet and phone but any research or downloading papers takes forever. I would say its like pulling teeth, but that’s not too hard (at least with enough anesthetic). Imagine with me: take dial up from 1998.

Life in Chad, Whole Individuals

I Am Not a Chadian Woman

By Zachary Gately, MPH - zgately.com *written 31.OCT.2013 I have been thrilled that many of you are enjoying my blogs at zgately.com and via email. Some of you have asked what I have been doing more specifically, what difference am I making in the lives of the people here, and how you can help out in anyway. I know many of you have been sending up prayers (even the small quick ones do wonders!) because it has now been 2 weeks since my last sickness!

Life in Chad, Whole Individuals

The Nasara Gets Malaria

By Zachary Gately, MPH - zgately.com *written Sunday, 13.Oct.2013. Sweat was pouring off of me as we met last Sunday to discus our plan for the afternoon. A power struggle was going on for the fan. Shannice was cold and covered in hives where as I looked like a new water feature in the SM Hut. Everyone else was comfortable, looking on wondering which one of us was sick. Shannice had both Daniel and Josh betting that she would be the first to contract Malaria, which meant she would have to buy them each a meal in Paris on their flight home.

Global Health, Life in Chad, Whole Communities, Whole Individuals

The Little Things in Chad

By Zachary Gately, MPH - zgately.com Entering week six is forcing myself to come to terms with my new life. It's not much different than than any life you live. I work too much, sleep too little, talk to my loved ones less than I should, and do not exercise enough. I may not have running water like you do and you probably don't eat lunch under a mango tree on the regular. Regardless, life goes on and so does the daily grind. I cannot tell a lie, it's no cake walk here.