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Health Administration, Health Policy, Whole Systems

Health Policy: Breaking Bad and Opening Day

By Ed McField - A few weeks ago I was introduced to Breaking Bad, an intriguing television series that depicts the life of Walter White (a.k.a.

Health Administration, MBA, Whole Systems

MBA Students in Interprofessional Education

By Elisa Brown - In our workplaces today, it is often the case that buzz words like “teamwork” and “collaboration” are everywhere. This could mean within a workgroup, department, floor, or entire company. In health care the emphasis is often on clinical teams and there has been a trend recently towards more collaboration across the clinical disciplines especially in providing patient care. Everyone is trying to get out of their “silo” of traditional roles to understand what each other does.

Health Administration, Whole Systems

Management and Leadership

By Ed McField - Health Care Management, Policy, and Leadership Surely you have heard the story of the chicken and the egg. But here’s a twist, which one is more important?