By migramirez - October 23, 2014

 Dr. Ryan Sinclair talks with public health magazine about working with students and Coachella Valley Communities to improve water quality.

 Using his experience working with homeless youth in Redlands, CA, Peter Gleason, PhD, writes about the deeper realities of being homeless.

Dr. Pamela Luna has done some amazing work changing legislation in Chile and implementing an educational drug prevention program. Students involved in the Integrated Community Development (ICD) course gained first-hand experiences in global health.Stark, Friedman and Chapman is a law firm specializing in Habitability Law as public health magazine takes a look at public health outside of the LLU School of Public Health. 

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Public Health Magazine Fall 2013 • Executive Editor: Tricia Penniecook • Managing Editor: Marcus Chapman • Editorial Assistant: Katie Freeland • Contributors: Tricia Penniecook, Marcus Chapman, Katie Freeland, Krystal Boyce, Peter Gleason, Nancy Yuen, Arti Desai, Annie Coriolan, Jesse Bliss, Biblia Kim, Sabine Monice, Padma Uppala, Olukemi Adeoye, Mary Haulk, and Dwight Barrett


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