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Our team has provided consultation on more than 1,300 research projects to date. Many of the research projects are published in peer-reviewed journals.

Examples of Publications

Subject Publication / Link to Document Year
Oral Sucrose for Heel Lance Increases Adenosine Triphosphate Use and Oxidative Stress in Preterm Neonates The Journal of Pediatrics 2013
Undesirable Characteristics of Cardiology Practice Resulting in Termination of Primary Care Referrals JACC 2013
Utility of Preprocedure Checklists in the Congenital Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Congenit Heart Dis 2013
En Balance: The Effects of Spanish Diabetes Education on Physical Activity Changes and Diabetes Control American Association of Diabetes 2012
Pediatric Critical Care Nurses’ Experience with Abdominal Compartment Syndrome Annuals of Intensive Care 2012
Procedural Pain and Oxidative Stress in Premature Neonates American Pain Society 2012
A Meta-Analysis of Outcomes Using Acellular Dermal Matrix in Breast and Abdominal Wall Reconstructions Annals of Plastic Surgery 2011
Effect of Insurance Type on Fracture Care Delay The American Journal of Orthopedics 2011
Effect of Early Skin-to-Skin Mother–Infant Contact During the First 3 Hours Following Birth on Exclusive Breastfeeding During the Maternity Hospital Stay J Hum Lact 2010
Microsatellite Instability in Endometrial Polyps European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and
Reproductive Biology
Monitoring Plasma Voriconazole Levels May Prevent Subtheraputic Dosing in Pediatrics Hematopoeitic Stem Cell Transplantation (HCT) Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 2011
Understanding of Abdominal Compartment Syndrome Among Pediatric Healthcare Providers Critical Care Research and Practice 2010

Previous Research Examples

  • Survey analysis for the Network for a Healthy California Programs
  • Evaluation of an innovative, hospital-based maternal and child education program
  • Physician satisfaction survey for a major health care entity
  • A comprehensive community-based city satisfaction survey (California)
  • Evaluation of behavioral health services and foster youth for San Bernardino County

Research Links

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