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OPHP & WD Personnel

Daniel Handysides, DrPH, MPH, CHES, CHG

Assistant Dean, Office of Public Health Practice
Faculty, Center for Community Resilience
School of Public Health, Loma Linda University
Email: DHandysides@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-7547


Dr. Daniel Handysides has a passion for public health. At Andrews University located in Michigan he, obtained a B.S. in Zoology. It was at Andrews that he met his beautiful wife, Sandra. After Andrews University, Daniel spent 12 months living and working with the Miskito Indians, in the rainforests of North Eastern Nicaragua. Returning to the U.S.A. he completed both a MPH in Environmental Public Health, and a DrPH in Health Education at Loma Linda University. He spent two years teach and researching in the United Arab Emirates. During this time he revamped and released the "Breathe Free 2" smoking cessation program. Currently he is an assistant professor for the School of Public Health, and has a passion for helping the under-served and disadvantaged. Dr. Handysides research interests include perceptions and their role in high-risk behaviors, adolescent populations, and addictive behaviors.

Practice Areas & Expertise

1. Youth Hope: After school programs dedicated to the 1800 homeless youth in the Redlands Unified School district. Focused on drug and alcohol reduction, STI prevention and improving living conditions. OPHP Provides program evaluation and creation for this local non-profit.

2. Sherriff's Department H.O.P.E. Team: Homeless Outreach and Proactive Enforcement: This team specializes in homeless issues around the county.

3. Inland Temporary Homes: Non-profit focused on rapid housing for individuals and families in the Inland Empire.

4. Faith & Health Initiative: In partnership with Crosswalk Church and Azusa pacific University, OPHP is conducting congregational and community assessments to develop, implement evaluate and translate in integrated Faith & Health model. 

Krystal Gheen, MPH, RD

Coordinator, Continuing Professional Education
Faculty, Center for Community Resilience
School of Public Health, Loma Linda University
Email: KGheen@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-4595


As a public health focused Registered Dietitian, Mrs. Gheen have the experience, education and training necessary for creating integrated nutrition focused strategies to combat lifestyle behaviors that affect health. With a broad background in genetics, nutrition, public health, leadership, marketing and communications, she bring a unique perspective to create integrative, original and motivating program components. Her experience in marketing and communication, has proven to be a critical asset in nutrition advocacy, awareness and education campaigns, as demonstrated by the overwhelming success of the Nutrition in Restaurants programs within the Healthy Ontario Initiative, various nutrition and wellness campaigns within Loma Linda Market and continuing professional education efforts within the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University Health. As a result of these previous experiences, Mrs. Gheen is aware of the importance of frequent communication among project members and of constructing a realistic framework for nutrition and prevention strategies. In summary, she has the expertise, leadership and motivation necessary to successfully carry out coordination & nutrition portions of proposed projects, and has a demonstrated record of successful and productive collaboration in nutrition education and large event management.

Practice Areas & Expertise

1. Continuing Professional Education: Development and administration of continuing professional education offerings for public health and health care professionals.

2. Healthy People in Healthy Communities: Annual conference that brings together people who are dedicated to improving the health of the community through a multi-disciplinary approach. During our interactive workshops, expert speakers lead engaging conversations that are focused on answering health questions and developing strategies that will lead to creating healthy communities by design. 

3. Healthy Foods Initiatives: Dedicated to improving the food landscape of LLUH and the surrounding community. Activities include: establishment of nutritional guidelines, healthy food rating system, development of new eateries, development of ne/revitalized on campus eateries, and much more!

4. Faith & Health Initiative: In partnership with Crosswalk Church and Azusa pacific University, OPHP is conducting congregational and community assessments to develop, implement evaluate and translate in integrated Faith & Health model. 

5. Health Policy & Leadership DrPH dissertation: Exploring the connection between the built environment and consumption patterns.

Rachel Lawrence, MPH

Faculty, Center for Community Resilience
School of Public Health, Loma Linda University
Email: RLawrence@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-1000, x88395


Ms. Long has diverse international experience in health promotion and education, program planning, training, and research. She earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Riverside. After several years abroad working with refugees and other vulnerable communities in Egypt, she returned to earn a Master of Public Health in Global Health and Certificate in Emergency Preparedness and Response from Loma Linda University. Ms. Long currently works as an Instructor with the Center for Community Resilience and a Research Associate with the Office of Public Health Practice. Through several federal grants, she has focused her energies on trainings, partnership building, and engagement to build community resilience. 

Practice Areas & Expertise

1. L.A. County Community Disaster Resilience Project: Sponsored by the CDC and National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to pursue engagement and partnership among diverse stakeholders, to promote community resilience in the face of public health emergencies. (http://laresilience.org/)

2. Practicum and Internship Office: Support through student mentoring, practicum placements, and project site development

Robin Smith, PhD

Faculty, Center for Community Resilience
Program Director, Environmental & Occupational Health
Program Director, Population Medicine
Liaison for Community Health Development, Institute for Community Partnerships
School of Public Health, Loma Linda University
Email: RDSmith@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-1000, x49411


Dr. Robin D. Smith is Assistant Professor for Public Health.  He also holds a secondary appointment in the Loma Linda School of Medicine in Preventive Medicine.  He is the MPH Program Director for both Environmental and Occupational Medicine and Population Medicine programs.  Dr. Smith is a member of the OPHP team.  He is Associate Director for the LLUH Institute for Community Partnerships and Director of Community Health Development where he works to develop, support and implement programs and efforts that directly work to improve the health of the communities served by Loma Linda University and Loma Linda University Health.

Practice Areas & Expertise

1. The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA): performed every 3 years and for 2016-2019, was coordinated by the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC).  The collaborative effort is designed to better address regional health needs of the communities served by the 8 participating not-for-profit hospitals for this CHNA. OPHP worked to support the LLUH Institute for Community Partnerships (ICP) Community Health Development Group (CHD) in this effort

2. Public Health Core Curriculum: Development and delivery of an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to the fundamentals of Public Health.  This will provide the students with the necessary competencies to address basic problems in Public Health from a cross-functional perspective to solve problems and act as leaders in the field.

Graciela Molina, MAFR

Coordinator, Ventanilla de Salud, Consulate of Mexico in san Bernardino
Faculty, Center for Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle and Disease Prevention
School of Public Health, Loma Linda University
Email: GMolina@llu.edu
Phone: 909-558-1000 x15027