A Seventh-day Adventist Organization

Healthy People in Healthy Communities

At the Loma Linda University School of Public Health we believe that wholeness is the harmonious relationship that exists when healthy individuals thrive in resilient communities supported by sustainable systems of health.

We are renowned for working to cultivate cultures of health and wholeness as demonstrated by our research on what makes individuals healthy, our engagement and action in our communities, and our focus on the systems of health that sustain all of us.

The 2017 Healthy People in Healthy Communities Conference is our concerted effort to connect and engage with people to embark on innovative pathways for improving the population’s health, enhance overall well-being, and foster greater equity in our society. We want to join the national shift toward building a culture of health in America and across our global communities. 

Hosted on the beautiful Loma Linda University campus, the conference follows the university’s legacy of promoting health, wholeness and longevity – universal values rooted in our belief in the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Join us as we discover the interconnected landscape of our systems of health. Together, we will explore making health a shared value, foster cross-sector collaboration to improve well-being, create healthier and more equitable communities, and strengthen integration of health services and systems.