A Seventh-day Adventist Organization

Healthy People in Healthy Communities

Held on the beautiful campus of Loma Linda University, the 2015 Healthy People in Healthy Communities Conference encourages participants to Live It. Active. Take action to activate your life for good, and Live It. Happy, by taking full advantage of the powerful strategies for boosting happiness.

Join us as we discover the key differences in motivation, participation, and healthy outcomes for Active Men and Active Women, to help you reach your goals, have strong relationships and live longer. We will uncover solutions for change to create Active Workplace Happiness, and help you avoid the workplace inactivity crisis. Come and explore how Active Technology seamlessly integrates fitness into your daily life, and ways geospatial information systems (GIS) can connect you within your community.

Faith & Health Symposium

Join us for an enlightening evening uncovering the connections between faith and health.  Signature findings from the Adventist Health Study and other relevant research will be discussed by the foremost leaders in the field.  Join a lively conversation debating how Public Health’s commitment to healing entire communities fits with “whole-person care.”  The roundtable will explore how other affirmations of faith further expand the ministry of Public Health.