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Preventive Medicine Clinic

The Center for Health Promotion's Preventive Medicine Clinic is dedicated to prevention and early detection of disease. Comprehensive annual screening examinations are pertinent for individuals striving to reach optimal health.

At the Center for Health Promotion we can conduct a full physical and wellness examination that will measure every aspect of your health, from your cholesterol levels to your exercise and eating habits. What is more, at your follow up appointment we will review the results from your comprehensive wellness screening and offer ways to improve your health with our on-site services, all of which can be tailored to meet your needs.

The Preventive Medicine Clinic has a lot to offer. Please explore our website and the services we provide. All of our services in Preventive Medicine can be coordinated with the Center's two other specialty clinics, Student Health Service and the Wholistic Medicine Clinic.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or request more information, please call:

Meet Our Providers

At the Center for Health Promotion our medical providers and clinical staff are dedicated to providing high quality medical services and eliminating preventable diseases. Our clinicians are experienced providers with a variety of backgrounds.  Read More >>

Weight Management

Managing your body weight is not easy. In the modern era of multi-tasking, raising a family, and working full time, eating properly and exercising regularly can be a challenging endeavor. At the Center for Health Promotion's Preventive Medicine Clinic there are several ways to restore your health and wellness.  Read More >>