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MBA in Healthcare Administration

Program Director - Elisa Blethen

Units Cost per Unit LLU Quarterly Fee Average Completion Time
62 $880 $798

2-3 years
(7 quarters full time)

Part Time 4-5 years

2016-2017 MBA Healthcare Administration Catalog
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MBA in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare is changing at a rapid pace. More than ever, leaders in healthcare are required to be innovative, flexible, and interdisciplinary. Our program is uniquely positioned as the only MBA in Healthcare Administration in a School of Public Health in the United States. This provides students with a broad perspective on healthcare leadership integrating population health and public health skills. Our MBA program ensures that every course is approached through the lens of healthcare while exploring business and management theory. Clinical staff and employees looking to advance their careers will find the necessary knowledge and theory in this program to give them an edge in the healthcare industry. Our program aligns with relevant industry-leading competencies ensuring that our graduates will be well prepared to be the healthcare leaders of the future.

Located on the same campus as Loma Linda University Medical Center and the greater Los Angeles area, there are ample opportunities to apply the principles learned in the classroom by completing an 800-hour practicum* in a healthcare environment. Students are prepared with practical experience for key roles in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, or dental practices and are ready for leadership in various healthcare settings.  Clinical staff are equipped with management theory and skills to lead their teams in any setting.

The Loma Linda University School of Public Health MBA program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and real-world experience necessary to further their administrative careers in any healthcare setting.

*The practicum hours requirement may be reduced for prospective students with healthcare management experience or a clinical degree.

Why Choose Loma Linda for your MBA?

  • Outstanding faculty with expertise in healthcare
  • Expansive professional healthcare networking opportunities
  • Community and Global healthcare service opportunities
  • Spiritual environment with a whole person emphasis
  • More than 40 practicum sites to choose from
  • 1:1 practicum mentoring
  • Opportunities to interact with established healthcare executives
  • University Health campus (six hospitals serving 1.2 million patients annually and University comprised of eight schools)
  • We are a proud member of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration since 2017

MBA Program Mission:

The mission of the MBA program at LLUSPH is to provide quality education to new and mid-career professionals locally, nationally, and globally who are interested in health care management.  The program fully integrates a health care perspective in all coursework which is guided by theoretical frameworks, scholarship, and informed practice. Wholistic Christian principles are practiced by faculty and serve to develop students into conscientious and ethical leaders who will integrate innovative solutions to health care challenges.

MBA Program Vision:

The LLU SPH MBA program aims to be globally recognized in providing excellent, quality healthcare management education with an emphasis on service using a values-based approach to confront health care issues. Students will be prepared to confront and solve complex problems in health care delivery using evidence-based analytics, theory, and practice.


Upon completion of this degree, the student should be able to:

  • Describe key aspects of the healthcare environment​

  • Demonstrate leadership skills and accountability aptitude

  • Integrate strategic awareness and innovative thinking in healthcare management

  • Apply business management skills and stewardship principles

  • Develop awareness of public health issues and policies

Who Should Apply?

Prospective students should be ambitious, motivated individuals who have an interest in healthcare administration. Students who have had exposure to the healthcare field and some work experience before beginning the Program may be able to apply the concepts more readily. Clinical professionals and mid-career leaders looking to advance their career would benefit from this program.

Program Options:

  • Full time student takes at least 8 units per quarter and completes the program in about 7 quarters. They would complete about 200 hours of practicum each quarter beginning their second quarter of the program.

  • Part time student takes approximately 4 years to complete the program however they may not be financial-aid eligible. Practicum hours can be reduced to 100 hrs per quarter.

  • Clinical students would benefit from a MBA in Healthcare Administration as the management skills will potentially enhance their leadership opportunities and expand their skill set. Students studying in medical, dental, pharmacy or other clinical fields may be eligible to have a reduction in practicum hours, waive GRE, and complete the program in one year. Cases are considered individually.

  • Working healthcare professionals can enhance their career by gaining management skills. The program can be completed part time taking 1-2 courses per quarter. Those who have at least five years of management experience in healthcare are eligible to apply for a waiver of up to nine units, as specified in the MBA program catalog and potential reduction in practicum hour requirements (based on their experience).

Admission Criteria:                         

  1. Undergraduate degree from an accredited university
  2. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  3. GRE test (ideal % range 30-50%) – GMAT and MCAT accepted as well
  4. Three letters of recommendation
  5. Required prerequisites: Accounting, Microeconomics - These courses may be met through an accredited college or university with applicable transcript, MOOC or correspondence with a certificate or passing grade, or by passing a test. Please contact the Admissions office for questions about specific courses or options that are recommended.

What is the practicum and how does it work?

The Health Administration Practicum gives students a change to integrate academic studies with workplace experience over a period of 800 hours (approximately 1 year). During this time, they will develop valuable skills required for administrative positions through hands-on work experience, special project coordination, administrative interaction, and other assignments.

The SPH Practicum Director meets with each student individually to identify a site from one of more than forty sites in the local area. The student then meets with the supervisor for an interview and the hours are scheduled based on the fit of the needs of the site and the skills of the student. During the practicum, regular reports are submitted with a poster presentation at 400 hours and a final presentation at the completion of the hours. Table 1 shows general categories of placements for students in the practicum.

If a student has five years or more of experience in healthcare management this will be evaluated and taken into consideration related to the competency attainment. The practicum hours may or may not be reduced based on the demonstrated competencies.

MBA Graduates to date (2006-Spring 2016): 366
Most Recent Completion Rate: 87.88%*
2015 graduating class who were employed within three months of graduating: 92% total, 88% in healthcare settings**

Field Placement Settings for 2013-2014 MBA in Healthcare Administration Students

Field Placement Settings

National or central government in the same country as the program –2 students
City, county, or other local government in the same country as the program –6 students
Nonprofit domestic-oriented –1 student
Private sector, non research/consulting –23 students
Total –32 students
*The starting cohort is from the 2008-2009 academic year which reflects the ‘Maximum Time to Graduate’ of 5 years and the completion rate within that time frame.
**This number is based on 27 graduates. Three hiring locations/dates are unknown. 22 graduates were hired within healthcare of the known information within 3 months of graduation.

LLU promotes a “learning” environment, instead of the traditional “teaching” environment, by engaging students using real life scenarios to supplement the course objectives.

–Holly Craig-Buckholtz, MBA Health Care Administration student

Table 2: Employment Settings of MBA in Healthcare Administration Graduates:

Employment Setting # Graduates 15-16 # Graduates 14-15 # Graduates 13-14 # Graduates 12-13
Postgraduate Fellowship 2 2 1 1
Further education (including Med school)     1 1
Hospital/Health System 11 15 15 9
Medical Clinic or Physician Practice 1 1    
Military or VA   1   1
Association, foundation or voluntary agency       2
Insurance 1   2 2
Long-term Care of Home Health Agency 1 1   1
Consulting 1   1  
Bio-tech/Medical Device/Pharma       1
Recovery/Rehab     1  
City, County, Other local government       1
Other - General 1   1 1
Employed outside of Healthcare 6 4 2 3
Unknown 4 2 3 8
TOTAL 28 26 27 31